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Inspiring soft furnishings for your growing business

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"Embellishing homes with our authentically vibrant soft furnishings".

Ambar Boutique, committed to offering luxurious soft furnishings, brings you an exquisite collection of impeccably crafted designs.

With our deeply-rooted belief in tradition and creativity, we have grown from a small business to a well-established company. It is the outcome of the hard work of our design professionals and other crafting units that we have won many hearts looking to redesign their spaces for traditional yet contemporary living.

Brands with multiple stores and large buyers.

We want to build relationships with a multitude of channels to drive economies, provide high quality pillows, pillow covers and pillow inserts across all verticals. We are invested in offering our exquisite designs to bring a burst of vibrance to our customers lives while maintaining a sense of home and serenity. We garner your specific requirements and provide you the most suited cushions to create any desired ambiance.

Fabrics we use

Our extensive range of cushions offers a fresh take on your favourite motifs and prints Designed with many luxurious fabrics including Silk, Linen, Velvet, Satin and Cotton.
And, with the choice between either of our high quality polyfill or down fill pillow inserts, they’re perfect to match the needs and comfort of all our customers.
At Ambar Boutique, we believe the reasons we are able to offer finely woven products are for these;

Exquisite Designs

Our exquisite designs are hand crafted with love and care. Our designs come in a wide range from block colours to intricate patterns. With contemporary yet traditional designs and a large spectrum of neutral and vibrant tones, these cushions are perfect for anyone’s lifestyle and decorative preference.

High Quality

These long-lasting pillows/cushions have the best possible quality for our consumers. With sturdy zippers, exceptional sewing and beautiful fabrics, purchasing our cushions will help you maintain good quality and beautifully designed decor for your home.


Our pillows/cushions have designs that you cannot find anywhere else. While holding current trend and tradition along with uniqueness that you can only find at Ambar Boutique, the creativity and workmanship on these cushions will add the perfect sense of comfort and individuality to your home.

Choice of Fabrics

With high quality silk, linen, velvet or stain, our smooth fabrics are made for the utmost comfort and style for our consumers. They are easy to clean and durable while also holding elegance and design. They are the perfect material to make your house feel like a home.

Impeccable workmanship

Each stitch and pattern is handmade by extremely talented furnishers in India. Colour choice, texture and design are just some of the things our furnishers strive to make best for all our consumers. For them not only is this a career, but a hobby, making impeccable designs with high quality materials for your home.
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